In checkov's short story "Love", you will see what checkov experienced about olive and marriage...

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In his short story Love, Checkov highlights his experiences about love and marriage while trying to find an answer to one frequently asked question: How is love defined?

The main characters of the story are the author himself and a nineteen year old girl, called Sasha, whom he falls in love with. At three o'clock in the morning, he tries to write a love letter to Sasha. He states that this situation, writing a love letter at 3 a.m., is a result of men's failure to hide their emotions. He wants to write a good letter, so he works on it as it was a novel. He is delighted with writing that letter and bringing it to the postbox. He sees the postbox as a gate to a new life and that is the reason why he thinks that it is the greatest of blessings. When he returnes to bed, he gets into bed and pulls up the quilt.

That action is coused by his fear of being refused like every single man.

The answer to his letter is simple. And it is full of grammer mistakes too. Although the contents of that letter doesn't satisfy him, her handwriting makes him recognize her walk, way of raising her eyebrows when she loughed. He offers to meet in a park instead of her invitation to her home. He choses a place where they can be alone and talk. If he goes her home, they can't be alone and talk about themselves. This situation shows the difference between their ideas about love. He wants to talk and know each other better while she dosn't need that talk and her only desire is to be together.

That situation is the same when they meet at a deserted part of the...