Checks and Balances

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In the checks and balances system the government is divided into three branches of government, each branch having particular powers. Not only does each branch of the government have particular powers each branch has certain powers over the other branches. This is done to keep them balanced and to prevent one branch form ever gaining too much power.

Legislative Branch - The Congress - House of Representatives and senate -- Congress approves presidential nominations and controls the budget. It can pass laws over the president's veto and can impeach the president and remove him or her from office. The senate confirms the president's nominations. Congress can impeach judges and remove them from office.

Executive Branch - The president - the president can veto congressional legislation. The president nominates judges.

Judicial Branch - The Courts - the Court can declare laws unconstitutional. The Court can declare presidential acts unconstitutional.

Checks and balances and detaineesIn this case the Supreme Court's held three cases involving detainees from the battle against terrorism.

Liberal or conservative it didn't matter it would have little bearing in the ultimate outcome. "The court roundly rejected the president's statement that, in time of war, he can order the potentially indefinite detention of individuals who claim to be completely innocent of wrongdoing."(Seattle, 2007)According to Antonin Scalia "The very core of liberty secured by our Anglo-Saxon system of separated powers has been freedom from indefinite imprisonment at the will of the Executive Branch." (Seattle, 2207)"Given that the administration has said its war on terrorism might draw out over generations, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor wrote, the indefinite detention of a prisoner could last for the rest of his life. The court said, indefinite would be too long to detain someone without the basics of due process." (Seattle, 2007)"Only Justice Clarence Thomas...