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Every girl seems to want that perfect guy, perfect clothes, hair, eyes, body, and anything else physical. In this article the woman has her perfect man by the hand, shirt and all. The ad has a way of telling us that by using Cheer you clothes will always be bright and cheery. The man's shirt is glowing yellow and has butterflies and all kind of bugs attracted to it. He holds the hand of a pretty woman walking beside him in the moonlight. This couple seems to be portrayed as the "Perfect" couple. His shirt seems to tell the story all by itself, all by looking at it.

The ad draws attention both men and women. Looking from a man's perspective, he could be thinking that he wants to use Cheer detergent so his wife won't leave him for another man. Since he's using Cheer his clothes will not only be the best looking in town, but he'll have the perfect wife to go with it.

A man also might be thinking that he can get the best-looking women by using the detergent. Coming from a woman's point of view, she might think the same things as the man does.

The key words from this ad are: "Cheer keeps colors bright, wash after wash," so by using Cheer you'll have brighter clothes than everyone else. These words also caught my attention," So wash with Cheer, and your clothes will get the attention they deserve." This line says that you and your clothes will look more attractive by using Cheer. Color isn't a main theme in this article except for the fact that the man's shirt is as bright as a lemon that fell into a tub of neon toxic waste. The shirt is what stands out from everything that is in the article; it's supposed to catch the eye of the reader. If a person were to look at the article they may think they'll blind the world with their clean clothes. The only audience that would take this article to mind is probably a young child look for a Halloween costume, he'd say," mommy buy this soap, I'll get to glow in the dark on Halloween." In my opinion this ad wouldn't really persuade the audience to buy it. Almost all detergents have the same ingredients, but maybe different fragrances from here and there. So the idea if the ad was good but not great. The page needed more effectiveness to it, maybe more catchy phrases or attractive appeal. I give this ad a thumb down and hope if you use Cheer, your clothes don't blind others with their bright "Cheery" smile. Cheer may get the dirt out, but I don't think your clothes will glow like the man in the ad.