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Oberhausen 1

Ashley Oberhause!

Professor Jacqueline Bell!


22 September 2014!

! A Beautiful Mind!

A Beautiful Mind is about the story of one of the greatest math mathematicians, and his

struggle amongst overcoming schizophrenia. Nash for a time believed that Russians were

sending him coded messages on the cover of "New York Times"; this was really all just an

imagination that overtook his life. The discoveries that Nash made have influenced our lives

today. He eventually got a grip on what was real and what appeared to be an allusion so that he

could live a normal life with his family.!

In the beginning of the movie Nash's disorder was not very apparent. Within time clues were

given and I realized that the things he was seeing was only part of his paranoid imagination. It

is not only until the end of the movie where he understands his illness. With the aid of medicine

and self control he is able to deal with his illness, and live life as normally as possible. !

Someone not knowledgeable of this disorder would most likely view a person diagnosed with

schizophrenia as being "crazy". Nash was portrayed as being a "crazy" man thought the whole

movie. He did this by reacting to things that were simply all an allusion in his mind, and did not

exist in the real world. That is until he was treated and learned how to deal with his frightening

delusions. !

Nash's disorder caused much conflict for not only himself but for others. Within time he gave

people the impression that he was absolutely crazy. At this point in his life I do not believe he

truly knew what was going on within his own mind. It had a tremendous impact on his newly...