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E=1.8c+32 F to C

K=C+273 C to K

C=K-273 K to C

Oxidation and Reduction

+ 0 reduction, 0 + oxidation

0 - reduction, - 0 oxidation

loss gain


Ane Ene Yne

Single bond Double Triple

2n+2(H).C1H4 2n CnH2-2.C3H4

meth, eth, prop, but, pent,

hex, hept, oct, non, dec

Calculate the energy in jouled,j,needed to heat

175g of water from 55.0C to 95.0C given

that the specific heat of water is 4.184J/gk

Fornula:q=m X Sh X T

J= mass(grams) X Specific heat X Temp

29288j=175 X 4.184 X 40 (95-55)

-Satusated is single bond

-Unsatusated is double & triple

Iocic:nonmetal with metal

Polar:reflect (F-H/H-F)

Nonpolar covalent:2 nonmetals that reflect


-to make a hydrogen bond it has to be

bonded to either or O,F,N

-soluble can they mix(dissolves)

likes dissolves like

polar dissolves polar/ionic

*when is says requires it means it's

endothermic,yes it affects

cause catalyst speeds up

and uses less energy