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These notes helped me alot during my grade 10 science exam, NOTE: This follows the Canadian curriculumPART A: SAFETY, SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY AND ECOLOGYSafety and Scientific InquirySafety in the LabGeneral Safety ProceduresDo not eat or drink in the labKeep your work area cleanThere is concern when wearing contacts as they can greatly increase the risk of damage to one's eyes in the even of a chemical spillA student should never carry out unsupervised experimentsIf one gets chemical spilled into the eyes, the eyes should be flushed 15 minutes at the eyewash stationHandling ChemicalsRead the labels at least twice before removing any of its contentsAcids, bases, bromine can burn the skin at room temperatureNever add water to concentrated acidsDo not taste chemicalsLiquid Mercury and its vapours are hazardous; it should never come in contact with the skin. Use the mercury sponge to clean up spillsThree things you must do at the end of a lab1.

Clean up everything2. Dump the used chemicals into a separate container3. Wash your handsHeating PrecautionsHeat resistant glassware is denoted by PyrexDo not bring any substance in contact with a flameTo tell the difference between hot and gold class you have to bring the back of your hand near the glass to feel the temperatureStorage and DisposalDo not return portions of chemicals to stock bottles because it can contaminate the chemicalsClean up spills immediatelyNever pour flammable liquids or hot acids into the sinkDo not use glass stoppers for bottles containing alkali solutions because these solutions dissolve glassWash hands and rinse all glassware at then end of a labGeneral Safety Equipment1. Fire extinguisher3.eye-washer4.first-aid kit*For each of these devices you need to be familiar with both the equipment's location and use.*WHMIS and HHPSWHMISWorkplaceHazardousMaterialsInformationSystemProduced symbols for such workplaces as science laboratoriesHHPSHazardousHouseholdProductSymbolsDeveloped for people buying and using materials around the homeWHMIS...