Chemistry of Love

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Chemistry of Love

Voltaire spoke about love in the following "Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imaginations." On top of a blank canvas you can create anything you want but within limitation, depending on the right mixtures of colour and your mind you could create a masterpiece. The blank canvas can be seen as your love for one; it is empty at first but fills in with time. Over centuries people had the belief that the heart was the center of love but researchers have now come to believe that that it is something completely different that something different is "chemistry". In the dictionary chemistry is defined as the science that deals with the composition and properties of substances and various elementary forms of matter it is also defined as the interaction of one personality with another, it is also defined as the sympathetic understanding between humans, and finally chemistry is defined as any or all of the elements that make up something.

It is really hard to describe what love is, some people say that they think that they are in love. But, what is love and how would one describe it or define it. Do you need two people to love or is it something that an individual can feel or think? In general, the construct of love can then be seen as the chemistry that is formed between two people based on the following contexts: social interactions, biological responses and cognitive interpretations.

Sternberg's mentions that there are eight subtypes of love; he also explains that out of the eight, one of them results in non love. Sternberg wrote the following in relation to his triangular theory of love. In the triangular theory of love, love consists of intimacy,