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Theme: Atomic Emission SpectraThe entire visible spectrum is presented in white light and can be separated into each of its wavelengths and frequencies by a prism (diffraction gratings)Atom absorbs light --> Atomic Emission Spectra-pass electricity through gases in tubes causes them to emit light-electrons absorb a photon (from light) or quantum of energy (from electricity), causing them to move further from the nucleus-to pull the electron away from the positive negativeattraction between the negatively charged electron and the positively charged nucleus --> needs energy-only very specific distances (electrons move farther away from the nucleus with quantized amounts of energy in multiples of h – Planck’s constant which represents a quantum)-ground state --> atom is in the original state-excited state --> gained energy-electrons are not ejected as in the photoelectric effect (it wasn’t enough energy to remove them from the pull from the nucleus)-the atomic state is unstable and electrons return to original places, closer to the nucleus-when they do, some of the energy that was absorbed is then released-release that conservation of energy-can be heat energy, light energy (photon)Hydrogen – spectroscope: see lines of color-purple – 410 nm-blue – 434 nm-light blue (turquoise) – 486 nm-red 656 nmEach of these represents the Atomic Emission Spectrum of Hydrogen-other distances that the electrons can move but its not part of the visible light (UV light)-only allowed to move to four places other than where they are in the ground state-The light emitted by each element is associated with the movement of the element’s electrons --> identical wavelengths of light are emitted so the electrons must always be moving identical distances-Therefore the electrons and their movements are quantized.

They are only allowed to be in specific places around the nucleus and they are forbidden from other places.

Helium has more colors --> has...