Cher Vs Emma

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The film Clueless written and directed by Amy Heckerling was release in July 19, 1995. Clueless in a Comedy produced by Paramount Pictures. Clueless is the mirror image of Jane Austen's movie Emma, and the characterization and action are basically the same. Although the movie for Clueless is based on Emma, the two movie differ in some area, while the two share similarities in plot and characterization they differ in setting and moral values.

From the very start of it, in both of the movies we can see the similarities between the main characters. Emma Woodhouse is part of the rich, high scale society I the nineteenth century England, while Cher Horowitz is one of the most popular girls at her high school. The description of Emma is the same description of Cher. Because of their upscale lifestyles, both Emma and Cher are spoiled, and always tend to think too highly about themselves.

This is a result of the lack of maternal figure in their lives, as well as their fathers' lifestyles. Cher has everything a female wants in life: money, her own Jeep, and a large wardrobe. Just like girls today, she spends a large amount of her father money at the mall. Since her father is so busy with his job, he has little time to spend with her to give her guidance and discipline in her life. You can see Cher snobbishness throughout the movie. When Cher and Dionne are explaining to Tai how to become more popular. That shows, that Cher had already started to show that she is above Tai. It seems that Cher and Dionne is taking under judgment toward Tai. The same similar affairs in Cher are the same in Emma. Emma's mother had also died when she was very young, and her...