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CherbourgCherbourg is a city that lies in the northwestern part of France. It is part of Normandy, a region and former province. Cherbourg sits along the English Channel, on the northern point of the Cotentin peninsula, in the ?Manch department? of France. It has been settled since ancient times. It now has a population of about 27to 29 thousand people.

If you were to travel by car to Cherbourg it would be a long and weary journey. Cherboug is sometimes said to be ?the end of the world?. But then it opens up to a beautiful open harbor with many ships.

A naval base is stationed at Cherbourg. It is also a seaport. Some of the industries of the town include: timber, coal, and shipbuilding. Submarines, oil tankers, electronics, and metals are also manufactured here.

There was a battle over the control of the city between France and England.

It has a very great strategic value. This great dispute was cleared up when the French king, Charles VII secured it as French owned in 1450.

There is a beautiful harbor at Cherbourg. It is sheltered on three sides. A breakwater barrier was built to the north by Louis XVI. He began the construction in 1776. This barrier was finally completed in 1846. The harbor was badly damaged in World War II, but has since then been reconstructed.