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ChernobylChernobyl was a nuclear power plant in the Soviet Union that had the biggest power plant disaster in history. I was to young to remember what was said about the accident, but I have heard some of reports that just take a glimpse at what happened, but I did not really get all that much information about it. They did not go into detail at all and just stated a few facts so it was not very helpful to me.

What really happened at Chernobyl? Why did the accident really happen? There are many reasons that caused the incident and I want to find out why the accident really happened.

There were news reports on what happened, that I did not get to see, but I am interested in what happened. It is interesting to me because I do not know how such a great power could let such a deadly accident happen, especially the biggest nuclear accident in history.

Today there are better safety precautions to keep an event like this from ever happening again. For the most part, the precautions usually work, but every once in a while there is an accident that happens. Usually they are not very disastrous because of the newer warnings that we have, and the advanced clean up efforts Would this have happened if they had the safety precautions that we have today? The accident was a horrible one, that cannot be changed, but we sure have learned from it, and will probably never repeat the same mistakes. Even if b some chance this sort of thing happens again then the world will probably be ready for it, and it will be handled much faster, and much more orderly.

I hope that I can find out all of the answers that...