Chernobyl and Easter Island

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In 1986, a reactor overheated at the Chernobyl Power Plant in former Soviet Union (which is now Ukraine) and caused a meltdown in the core. Deadly radioactive material was released into the air after there were explosions at the power plant. The radioactivity that the people of Chernobyl were exposed to was "100 times greater than the Hiroshima bomb". When someone looks back at this terrible accident, they could make connections between this event and the collapse of Easter Island in several ways.

One of the main examples is that both of these places' societies collapsed, and many people were affected by what happened. From the explosion in Chernobyl, many people died, became sick, and had no choice but to leave their homes in Chernobyl. This is one of the more obvious similarities, but it is not the only similarity between Chernobyl and Easter Island and their societies.

In Chernobyl, people working at the plant were not careful with very simple, elementary things which went wrong, but could have been avoided if they were more alert with what was going on.

The reactor which caused the explosions was part of a controlled experiment. The people in charge of the experiment should have realized that something wrong was going on there, and he should have stopped the problem before it went too far. On Easter Island, the clans which formed wanted to compete against the other clans to prove who was better. They competed by seeing who could put up statues that were bigger, and they made as many as possible. The only way they could easily move these enormous statues was by using the trees as their big tool. They did not think

about the consequences of cutting down the trees, and continued to take down the wood to...