Cherokee Indians

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A branch of the Iroquois nation, is the Cherokee Indians. Small communities is what the Cherokee Indians lived in. You can trace their history in North Carolina back more then a thousand years. The Cherokees were known as most prosperous tribes in the country. The Cherokee Indians lived in various parts of the United States. Formerly the largest and most important tribe in the Southeast, they occupied mountain areas of North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee.

There was a council house in every village where ceremonies and tribal meetings were held. . There were seven sides to the council house to represent the seven clans of the Cherokee. The seven clans are Bird, Paint, Deer, Wolf, Blue, Long Hair, and Wild Potato. There were two chiefs elected for each tribe. The Peace Chief who counseled during peaceful times and a War Chief who made decisions during times of war.

However, the Chiefs did not rule absolutely. It was a more democratic process in the decision making. The tribal member had the opportunity to voice concerns.

The Cherokees were one of the few tribes who lived in permanent villages. The Cherokee lived in log cabins, wore turbans and preferred European clothes. They spoke an Iroquoian language of the Hokan-Siouan stock. The Cherokee had a very large and powerful tribe. The Cherokees civilization originally was based on hunting, trading, and agriculture. The Cherokees were mainly farmers, growing maize, beans and squash. There also was some hunting done by the Cherokees. There was a population of around 350 to 600 people in each village.