Cherokee Indians The tribe I did my report on was

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Cherokee Indians The tribe I did my report on was the Cherokee Indians. The Cherokee Indians were located in various parts of the United States. Some lived in North Carolina, but most of the tribes almost 100,000 members lived in Oklahoma. Many others migrated elsewhere.

The Cherokee Indians existed from the 1700's through the 1850's. The Cherokees were one of the most prosperous and progressive tribes in the country.

The early Cherokee farmed and hunted in southern Appalachian Mountains. During the 1750s and 1760's, they fought the colonists who moved into their territory.

In about 1800, the Cherokee began to adopt the way of living of the white settlers. The tribe also established a republican form of government called the Cherokee Nation. In 1821, a Cherokee named Sequoya introduced a system of writing for the Cherokee language. Some people took as chief because he knew so much. Sequoya's mother was a Cherokee woman and his father was a white trader.

As he grew older he saw that literacy gave power to the white people. He wanted the Cherokee tribe to have power too. That was when he started studying the European and Native American languages. After his studies were over he spent the next twelve years making a Cherokee alphabets. The Cherokee tribe adopted Sequoya's alphabet. Soon many Cherokee learned to read and write. The Cherokees soon wrote a constitution of their own. The giant redwood trees in California are named after him. During the early 1800's, white settlers demanded the government to move all Indians to areas west of the Mississippi River. In 1835 some agreed to move west in a treaty they signed with the government, other Cherokees, led by John Ross, opposed the treaty. During the winter of 1838-1839, U.S troops forced from 13,000 to 17,000 Cherokee to move to the Indian Territory (Oklahoma). Thousands died on the way. About 1,000 Cherokee escaped. Their forced march became known as the Trail of Tears. There were no major wars that the Cherokees fought except the one when John Ross and other Cherokees did not agree to move. They had to fight with the white settlers to get their land back.

The ones that escaped remained in the western part of North Carolina. They bought land there and the government let them stay. These Indians became known as the Eastern Band of Cherokee.