"The Cherry Orchard" by Anton Chekhov - Character Notebook: Yermola Alexeyitch Lopakhin

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Lopakhin appears to be a man of means with a bitter sweet side toward Ranevskaya the owner of the estate. He seems to be around the of twenty-five to thirty-five give or take a few years. Lpoakhin has three important relationships in this play the first being with his father. His father was a servant of the cherry orchard estate and a man of little intelligence and wealth. He was a drunk and had even hit Lopakhin when he was fifteen years old. I feel that even though Lopakhin’s father was never staged he is still a big part of the play because Lopakhin is fighting the demons in his past that still haunt him. Lopakhin uses his father’s demeaning life as a motivation to better himself and to escape the life of a servant which brings up the relationship that Lopakhin has with Ranevskaya because she made a big impact on his life when his father struck him.

I feel that Lopakhin holds a lot of respect for her, and feels he is in debt to her for the kindness she gave him when his father made a mess of his nose. I also feel some resistance from him toward Ranevskaya because her estate brings harsh memories of his life as a servant boy as well as her pressure on him to marry Varya her adopted daughter. Lopakhin’s relation with Varya is another important one in the play, but also a complicated one. I feel that they do love each other equally but both are afraid of each other. Almost as if they are playing a game of cat and mouse. I do feel that most of Lopakhins resistance to marry her are because he wants to escape the memories and she is a part of that. But what...