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Chesapeake Bay dbq

In the late 17th century many English people had arrived in the New England and Chesapeake Bay regions of America. New England was the northern region while the Chesapeake Bay region was more of a southern region. As the English settled in these two regions, they became two distinct societies. The two societies of the New England and Chesapeake Bay regions were formed because of the types of people living in both regions. The people of New England formed a family oriented and religious based society while the people of the Chesapeake Bay formed a more rowdy and independent region. As indicated by the "Ship's List of Emmigrants Bound for New England" the groups of people who settled in New England were mainly families and slaves. This allowed for the region to be very family oriented and to focus not only as individuals but also as a group of people.

DBQ - New England and Chesapeake region

New England and the Chesapeake region were both settled largely by the people of English origin. By 1700, the area had evolved into two distinct societies. The societies developed so distinctly because of the sociological differences between the people of both regions. One of the societies consisted of forty families that worked together as one and centered on God. The Lord came before success and the people followed him trying to be Disciples of Christ (Doc. D). The families shown in Doc. B ranged from 1 year to 40 at greatest. Most had some sort of skill that helped in doing work whether it be a tailor, a clothier or a minister, they all had something that they could do to help out the community. Although some were rich and others poor, they all pulled together as one...