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Prior to the 1700s, English colonization occurred throughout the east coast of the New World. Large numbers of colonists arrived in areas that would soon be called the New England region and the Chesapeake region. As time passed, these two regions became two significantly different societies due to their colonization goals.

New England colonists' focused on having religion as the foundation of their colony. Being that Massachusetts was settled by separatists, later by Puritans, almost all had a religious purpose to flee from England. For example, Puritans wanted to purify the Church of England in a sense where they could worship God the way they wanted to. In Document A, John Winthrop states "…we shall be as a city upon a hill…we shall open the mouths of enemies to speak evil of the ways of God." New England colonists' priority was to reform the corrupt ways of the Anglican Church of England and be an example for the religious world in doing so.

Although their efforts were to free themselves from the strict Church of England, they ended up becoming very strict themselves as they had no toleration for non-Christians.

Chesapeake colonists arrived in Virginia with intentions of gaining wealth fast. Gold was a resource that many colonists yearned for. Due to their desire for this substance, Chesapeake became a place of turmoil. Men did not want to work to maintain the land they lived on which caused a rapid depletion of resources necessary for survival. "The worst among us were the gold seekers who…made all men their slaves in hopes of recompenses" (Document F). Proving that these colonists had one idea on their mind, this document shows that gold seekers were the least popular of the group of voyagers. Captain John Smith, however, arrived in Virginia with a...