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Chicago Organized Crime groups

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Chicago Organized Crime groups

The early days of the Chicago Outfit mafia begins with James "Big Jim" Colosimo. At the time, organized groups were small in scale and specialized. The first group was in control of gambling, the second in prostitution, and the third group in charge or controlled of labor unions. Even with a slow beginning Colosimo was in controlled of labor racketeering and gambling, and was the most powerful Chicago gangster before the Prohibition period. Colosimo had a powerful connection with crucial politicians.

By the mid-1910s Colosimo's organization grew so much, and he became in charge of the biggest and powerful group of racketeers in the city if Chicago, with, of course, his second in charge John Torrio, who came from New York in 1909.

The Chicago Outfits was in it is a multi-ethnic organized crime group, with Italian, Greek, Jewish, Irish and other members. Colosimo's organized crime group is the lineal ancestor of the Capone gang and the outfit now in days.

The Chicago Outfit has a long standard policy on regards of narcotics created by Accardo and Ricca. The policy states that no Outfit members will ever be allowed traffic drugs. Some challenged this policy and paid with their life. But after the death of Accardo and the new change of command "don't ask, don't tell" policy, narcotics' trafficking was allowed only for made members. But the Chicago Outfit will not take any responsibility on the matter, not only on taking the risk, sharing profits, but also on not helping his member on legal problems related to drug trafficking. It is possible that some members of the Outfit has deal...