Chicano History

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Spring 2004-Final Exam

1. The Chicanos suffered a great deal while trying to make a living by working in fields. Farmers have been abusing migrant farm workers for a very long time, and even though some conditions have improved since the 1930's, they are still treated unfairly.

It is extremely difficult for migrant workers to fight for their right because a lot of the workers are illegal immigrants. In the past, employers were able to exploit migrant workers. This would make them afraid to demand a higher pay or go on strike. An article from the San Francisco Chronicle states that, "in past decades, labor unions often saw immigrant workers as the enemy, accusing them of depressing wages and breaking strikes" (Greenhouse 1). Now, unions are starting to accept migrant workers by trying to change laws so that they can stand up for themselves without the fear of being deported.

Before Lech Walesa and the time of the unions, employers for many reasons treated immigrants poorly. Most immigrants didn't have much of an education if any and they usually couldn't speak English. These people had to perform "back braking" labor usually for about 12 hours a day. They were paid so little that they could barely afford to feed their families. The worst part about being a migrant worker was that they didn't have a voice. There only choice was to continue working for hours on end, because if they didn't or couldn't, they would not be able to survive.

I think that migrant workers should have more rights. I think that illegal immigrants should have the same rights as anyone else, mainly because they are human beings. I don't think it is that big of a deal that they don't pay taxes because they are paid so little. I...