Chickamaugans Win The Battle

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On the days of September 19-20 1863, the Confederate Army of Tennessee engaged in battle with the Army of the United States army of the Cumberland in a deathly struggle.

We, the south, were trying to take Chattanooga, Tennessee before Rosecrans, who was also trying to take Chattanooga to gain its resources. He came upon us and we retreated to lake of recognizance. We then proceeded south passed Chickamauga Creek and waited for reinforcements from Mississippi and Virginia. Once the Yankees came, our army was enlarged to 65,000 soldiers, three thousand more than the Army of the Cumberland.

Rosecrans then moved passed Chickamauga Creek and into a large, highly, dense forest which caused confusion on both sides. General Braxton Bragg, the Confederate general, moved his men forward. The fighting started. We consentrated on his left flank and Bragg reserved three divisions for later. It was two days but on the second day there became a supposed gap in Rosecrans blockade.

When attempting to cover the gap he made one. Once this happened Lt. Gen. James Longstreet took his troops into the gap and caused 1/3 of the army of the Cumberland to retreat with General Rosecrans. General George Thomas then took his brigades and held us off while the rest of the Yankees ran in gloom to their loss.

This was a tiring victory in which we lost 18,454 men but we prevailed. General Rosecrans career ended and the Army of the Cumberland retreated to Chattanooga.