Child Abuse

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Child abuse occurs like a virus. Child abuse remains not only an individual or family problem but a societal problem. Children who survive abuse grow up more plausible to negatively impact society in many ways. The effects of child abuse on its victims are devastating and life-long. The effects on society are pervasive. Many possible outcomes exist for children experiencing abuse, which range from mild, almost unnoticeable personality effects to full-blown breakdowns in healthy functioning. Effects of child abuse implement various critical problems: physical, psychological, and behavioral.

The first significant dilemma triggered by child abuse includes physical oppression. The usual physical abuse scenario involves a parent who losses control and lashes out at a child. The source may be normal child behavior that causes the parent to house deep-rooted negative feelings toward their children. These types of situations lead to numerous complications for the children and may cause a child to display fearful behavior.

For example, the child may have a fear of physical contact causing the child to shrink back if touched. The child might not participate in sports containing physical contact. In addition to the fear of physical contact, children have the fear of people they know closely. The child will display signs of not wanting to be around these people because of their experience with abuse. They believe that everyone they know, love and trust will abuse them. Along with this, the child will exhibit indication of not wanting medical help. They try to hide the injuries afraid of what will happen if anyone finds out. The child gives a skeptical excuse has to how the injury or injuries occurred. They try to hide injuries by covering them up even if the weather is hot. Along with excuses come the unexplainable or reoccurrence of injuries.