Child Abuse

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Abuse occurs when someone does not treat a person with dignity and violates human or civil rights. Abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, and financial. Abuse may happen to a person who needs care or the person who provides care. Person who needs care may show frustration or anger by being physically, emotionally, psychologically, and financially abusive to the person who provides his or her care. Abuse happens in every part of the world. There are several kinds of abuse: women abuse, drug abuse, child abuse, athlete abuse and so on. Child abuse is very common in the world for several reasons and some reasons of some countries are discussed below for example Pakistan, India and Western countries like United States, Japan and England.

Asian countries, due to the low rate of literacy, people are less educated, have less opportunity, and are less financially developed .Children are damaged sexually, physically, and mentally.

Most of the villages have no big schools and also have the lack of resources and teachers with high standard of quality education, so children do not really get the practical education that help them in getting better job and make them able to be competitive in the future. Therefore, most of the children give up their studies at an early age and start working with their parents in farming to promote their forefather's land or in whatever their parent's occupation is. In addition, people of villages are very narrow-minded; they don't want their children to be educated. One reason is that they have to send their children to the big cities to fulfill the education standard requirements. Another is they have to pay for things like books, food, room, and tuition, but this responsibility seems too impossible for them. Those who can afford fees don't send...