Child Abuse

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1 - Introduction

Let us think back to our childhood and remember certain occasions where our parents smacked us or slapped our hand when we did something wrong. It hurt our feelings and we thought they hated us. But as we all got older, we realized that they did it because they wanted us to be able to differentiate between right and wrong. Now think of those children who are not so lucky. They don't know what is right and what is wrong. No matter what they do they are abused by the most important people in their lives, their parents. We felt hurt when our parents spanked us but imagine how neglected children feel when they are abused over and over again. Our lives do not seem so bad now. Although the blame goes to the parents, internal and external damage abuse occurs for both the children and the adults.

The average Nigerian Kid of today is constantly barraged by unhealthy messages from schools, friends, and his or her choice of entertainment. This has made parenting in this day and age a difficult task.

It is on record and has also been highlighted by a number of experts that children were doing quite well as regards behavioral attitudes and all that went with it. Today, after some 30 years of misrule leading to the neglect of family values, part of the consequences include child abuse, child labor, teen violence, substance abuse, and the breakdown of the family.

At least in Lagos today, there are reports of children on the streets doing real hard drugs. These kids become hard adults and the society becomes worse for it as their activities promote violence, and unfortunately, the spread of diseases.

The role of parents in this issue is critical because children tend...