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Child Abuse: Why do they do it?

Lindsey R. Price

Evans High School


After much research, a physician has yet to find a direct line to stopping child abuse. Although no one has found a specific fix to child abuse, new information is found every day. Abuse has four main causes. The first main aspect to child abuse is the cycle effect. The cycle effect affects the entire legacy from the family. The second motive behind child abuse comes from parents feeling powerless. When a parent feels powerless they feel it is necessary to physically hurt their child to regain power. Alcohol and substance abuse also determine many decisions a parent makes and is the most known cause of child abuse. While under the influence of drugs and or alcohol parents may contrast decisions they would formulate while sober. Stress is the biggest factor of child maltreatment. Although every cause of child abuse is equally harmful, stress makes the biggest impact on the parents' reactions.

Organizations need to be created as soon as possible to get help for those parents and children who are suffering and fighting against child abuse every day.

Child Abuse: Why Do They Do It?

Child abuse is breaking families apart each and every day. Child abuse has been a growing problem for many centuries. Because of child abuse, many adults faced problems in their personality development, learning and behavior while aging. There is no good outcome that stems from child abuse. In the book A Child Called It, written by Dave Pelzer, we learn his story and how child abuse took a toll in his life. Child abuse is most often caused by parents who have been abused before. Also, by those who feel the need to discipline their child in a harmful manor.