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Saidee Solano

Professor Dillon

English 60

12 March 2014

Reading Response #2

In "Learning to Write," Russell Baker takes us back in time to his experience in Mr. Fleagles eleventh grade English class. According to all the kids of the town Mr. Fleagle had the most boring un-motivating English class on campus. Russell goes on to describe how he was dreading the class and reading Shakespeare's novel Macbeth, "I anticipated a listless, unfruitful year with Mr. Fleagle and for a long time was not disappointed. "We read Macbeth Mr. Fleagle loved Macbeth and wanted us to love it too, but he lacked the gift of infecting others with his own passion." Russell goes on feeling un-inspired despite Mr. Fleagles attempts to awaken the class. When it came time to write an informal essay Russell wanted to write about the "Art of Eating Spaghetti" he started to remember about his first time trying the food and the good time he having conversation with his family as they enjoyed the meal together.

But Russell wanted to write the essay for himself and not for Mr. Fleagle he felt that the essay was too enjoyable and would result in a failing grade. By the time Russell was done writing his essay the night was halfway done so he had no choice but to turn in the essay he had originally written for himself. Two days later when Mr. Fleagle had handed back the students their essays everyone had got theirs back Mr. Fleagle began to read Russell's essay to the class. The entire class became enlightened by the story and in the end Russell realized he could have fun writing an essay it doesn't have to be "proper and respectable."

My senor year of high school for economics I was assigned...