Child Abuse

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We all hope to have parents who are loving, nurturing, understanding and patient. But the unfortunate reality is that some parents are irrational, abusive, manipulative and intimidating, leaving deep emotional scars that may not heal for a lifetime. "The willful abuse of children by adults is one of the world's most desperate problems." Fontana, (p.5) The maltreatment syndrome in children must be recognized by our society regardless of their parents' social or economic background, ages or outward appearances. The maltreatment of children has not been considered important enough to include in major pediatric textbooks, which seems to be a result of society's disbelief that such inhuman cruelties could willfully be inflicted upon children. The bill of rights not only specifies the rights of children, but also indicates the obligations and the responsibilities of society and of all parents. After years of study and research, common factors have been found which affect adults to behave abusively towards their children.

The four main factors that will be discussed are hatred towards the child, angry parents, crisis in the family, and the abused child of yesterday.

Primarily, a big factor which leads to the abuse of a child is due to hatred of the child by the parent. The unwanted child, the sex of the child, his behavior and his health are characteristics that are presently under study as potential sources of child abuse in an abnormal, unhappy parent-child relationship. An unwanted pregnancy for the mother may be complicated by personal problems, including the father's desertion, her own ill health, or no support from anyone close. "If the baby is healthy, attractive, of the sex the mother prefers, and above all, easy to feed and manage, it meets the parents' expectations and "fits"." Kempe, (p.18) Often the parents feel painfully disappointed in their...