Child Abuse

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Child abuse Child abuse has lasting effects on a child personality and behavior. It hurts a child deeply and it is more than just black eyes and bruises. It effects there future and childhood.

When a child is hurt continually they develop a sense of depression. Then in the future repeat the process doing exactly what their parents did to them. Crushing there childhood and ruining the future.

Child abuse is defined as harm or injury to a child, or sexual molestation, intentionally inflected by another, usually involves assault and usually constitutes a violation of laws as well (Haskins 13). Child abuse has been a problem that has been going on for too long. In Ancient tribes people killed every fourth or fifth infant just to keep the tribe small. In the 1940's poverty stricken parents would sell their children to slavery or break legs and gouge eyes so they would feel great pity when sent to work as beggars.

The Holocaust had probably the biggest and by far the worst damage to child abuse because the Germans tortured and even killed Jews because they were different from them (Dolan 25-26). Maybe that is why Germany has the highest abusive rate in the world. This was the starting point of child abuse and people didn't realize the inhuman behavior that was going on back then. So it was carried over and came to America where it was direct to little children. In 1990 2.5 million child abuse cases were reported in 1991 2.7 million.

It is estimated that now there is approximately 3.8 million child abuse cases a year and the number keeps on growing (Peltzer 164). The age of children who are abused can range from infant to teenage years, but 74% of child abuse is under five years...