Child Abuse and the Internet

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The Internet is the newest medium for research available to anyone. While being the newest medium it is also one of the largest and most diversified. Keeping this in mind one must realize that there are many sites which are bias, un-researched, and all together untrue. In my search for information on a topic I plan to target one specific site and prove whether it is a credible site or it is one of the aforementioned sites. My topic of research is child abuse. Through my searches I was brought to the site

The site was written by Jim Hopper Ph. D. The site is titled "Child Abuse: Statistics, Research, and Resources." Jim Hopper is a researcher and a therapist with a doctorate in clinical psychology. Although in the beginning of the site Hopper does explain to the reader that his patients were not children, but adults who had come to see him.

This fact does not make his findings any less relevant to the topic of child abuse. Even though the study of past experiences is a majority of the site's body he does go into the child abuse of adolescents with borrowed article. The site is put into a specific order starting with an introduction. In the introduction Hopper explores unavoidable biases, controversies, and child abuse used in historical contexts. He writes how people have been being abused for centuries, only now it is looked upon with an extreme distaste due evolution of morals in our society. He puts forth the idea that the statistics of child abuse in general are controversial. This is a very true statement, due to the way it is looked upon by the public. After Hopper puts forth his ideas on the subject he allows the reader to review the statistics. As...