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ENGLAND, Winslow - Another accident of a child abuse case has been reported by city officials in a small town in England, of a daughter being abused by her own mother, apparently after coming back from a party with her friends.

Investigators are looking into what ignited the mother to abuse her daughter, after supposedly already having a bad record of child abuse cases, and multiple fines.

A tenant in the basement of the family's house did not give any comment on the mother-daughter relations in that house.

This was not the first time the abused girl called the city's child abuse line for assistance, and the police are investigating why the mother did not get a more severe punishment for her wrongdoings in the past.

"She never really talked to us of any troubles in her family", said the girl's friend. "We weren't really in touch lately, so I wouldn't be surprised if there were things which she wouldn't want to talk about with us".

A local woman that lives in the same neighborhood said that her daughter was friends with the abused girl, and recalls seeing that girl around an hour before the accident apparently happened. "I found the girl wandering around on our street, while my daughter was having a party at our house. It was extremely weird to see her walk on the street all by herself without wearing a jacket. I invited her to our house to warm up a little bit and chat with my daughter and her friends, although she didn't seem to get along very well and left promptly after arriving, saying that her mother wanted her to come home by four o'clock.", she said. "I find it very absurd that her mother lets her walk in the pouring...