Child abuse: Past and present.

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It is an undeniable fact that children have a right to be properly brought up and educated and everyday there are innumerable people who are carrying a fight to improve living conditions for children. However, such an assumption has often been neglected from the past until now.

Years ago, especially in feudalistic societies and during wars, children's lives were seriously endangered. Countless children, most notably impoverished ones, were forced into slave labor in time of kings. Moreover, in wartime, World War I and II for instance, many offsprings were parted from their parents and therefore, left alone and defenseless in a turbulent world. Wars also brought on famine and diseases, which children possibly could not get through without parental care. Some of them were fortunate enough to survive the wars but others did not.

In the present, though numerous efforts have been made to ensure the standards of living for children, there are still children in underdeveloped parts of the world that do not get the basic living conditions.

More than 10 million children die totally preventable deaths every year because of racist wars, malnutrition, lack of safe water, inadequate sanitation, etc. Even a bigger number of children are suffering from the lack of healthcare, education and social services. Therefore, these children will presumably not have the opportunity to achieve their full development.

In brief, human being have been facing with the fact that many children do not get the proper care, love and education since the past to the present time.