Child Abuse in the world

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The statistics on child abuse in the UK are truly horrifying, at least one child dies every week as a result of an adults cruelty, and thousands more endure abuse and neglect at the hands of their carers. Yet the known facts reveal only a fraction of the problem. This is because most cases of abuse go unreported, leaving children to suffer the pain and misery of abuse in silence.

Over a quater of all recorded rape victims are children, three quarters of sexually abused children do not tell anyone at the time and around a third are not able to tell anyone about the experience later. More than 30,000 children are on child protection registers because they are at risk of abuse. Recent NSPCC research involving two thousand eight hundred and sixty nine adults revealed that one in ten of them had suffered serious abuse or neglect during childhood.

Each week more than four hundred and fifty thousand children are bullied at school. Terrifyingly these statistics are only for the UK, meaning that even more children out there are victims of abuse and cruelty

Frighteningly abuse is often known about or suspected by another adult who could have done something about it and a quater of all recorded rape victims are children. Everyone has the responsibility to stand up for children. Many children are very vulnerable and too scared to tell anyone about what they are going through in fear that their abuser will find out. Thus showing how important it is for everyone to ensure that children are being cared for the way they should be, whether they know the child or not. More disturbingly most abuse is committed by someone who the child knows and trusts. Again indicating just how important it is for everyone not...