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A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer The book that I am reviewing is called ?A Child Called It? and it was written by Dave Pelzer. A friend recommended it to me because of how sad it is. ?A Child Called It? is the first book of a trilogy.

This book is about the author, Dave Pelzer?s, survival of getting beaten around by his mum. The book starts off quite happily. The young boy is part of a nice normal family, they go on holidays and have fun. He had a life. Dave Pelzer loved his mum very much and describes her as, ?a mum who glowed with love for her children? But all that changed after a few years. His relationship changed a lot with his mum. She became very horrible and started to beat him around for no reason. Dave?s Dad never laid a finger on his son.

While his Dad was around the house Dave?s mum never touched him. Dave thought that his dad was the only thing that could stop him from getting hurt. He felt that his dad was his saviour, but his dad had a job and he was out of the house most of the day. That meant more pain and hurt for Dave. Another place where Dave was glad to be was at school. School meant that he was away from his mum all day. He dreaded weekends and holidays. Every night he was made to stay in the basement and sit it a certain position. Dave liked to call it ?the prisoner of war position?.

Every morning before he left for school he was made to wash, dry and put away all the breakfast dishes. He wasn't allowed to eat any breakfast unless he had...