'A Child called it' by Dave Pelzer

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After reading this book I really treasure my life, family and friends. It has encouraged me to keep going even when its tough and I hope it will do the same for you.

This book called ‘A Child called it’ is based on a true story about the childhood of and American boy Dave Pelzer. Dave has had a truly extra ordinary life he nearly died several times by his mentally disturbed alcoholic mother.

His life started like any other kid in a happy family, with a loving mum, dad, and two older brothers. They enjoyed family outings, holidays and trips to the Russian river. They were the perfect family.

But all this changed when Dave entered 1st grade. There was no apparent reason but he was the one that the mother picked on, not his other brothers. She started abusing him which began relatively mildly. When he or his brothers did something wrong he was the one who received punishment.

It started off by being sent to the corner but as the days went past and his mother sat on the couch drinking more, punishments became worse. She smashed his head in the mirror and made him repeat “I’m a bad boy, I’m a bad boy” over and over again for hours. Staring in that mirror soon made him hate himself. His mum had brainwashed him.

“Extract from the text”Dave’s mum was easily irritated and yelled at him for the slightest reason or even no reason at all.

His Mother got worst when his father wasn’t home when he came home punishments were not as bad although his dad knew what was going on.

Dave’s dad worked as a fire fighter and was sometimes gone at days at a time. His father tried to talk to Mrs Pelzer but...