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INTRODUCTIONAppropriate care and education for children during their schooling phase is the subject of considerable debate and interest among governments and politicians in all parts of the world. International organizations such as UNICEF and UNESCO are stressing the importance of providing quality education and care to all children, not only those from less-advantaged backgrounds. Their arguments are based upon the increasing research evidence that has shown the long-term benefits of offering young children quality care and education in the early years. During recent years in the various parts of the world there have been numerous government initiatives relating to the care and education of young children. There is now a general consensus among politicians and administrators that quality early childhood care and education should be available to all children if their parents wish it.

This research work offers the reader a sound theoretical and practical basis for work or study in the field of care and education and focuses upon the Correlation between proper care and Education, which should be obligatory throughout all educational institutes.

This research work aims to cut through the changes and offer sound underpinning theory and practice needed by those who wish to work or are working in the educational sectors (Schools and Caring Communities) with children. Some chapters are academically based, whilst others link theory and practice, a result of the efforts put into this research work.

The early years of education are of crucial importance to children and it is vital that all who work in or who are contemplating working in this field have an understanding of early childhood, theory and practice. That's why much stress has been laid on Early Childhood Education and Schools as Caring Bodies.

CHAPTER 1Principles of effectual practiceOne of the most important demands of the care and education...