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HKIN 102 Lab paper-Unit 1 Jan 11, 2002 Child development From the time of birth people experience major developmental changes, which vary depending on their age. The changes they experience are influenced by the stage of development they are experiencing. Two stages in the life cycle with regards to childhood are the stage of early childhood (2-6yrs.) and the stage of late childhood (6-12yrs.). Within the sphere of early and late childhood, there are three key aspects of development that will be the primary focus of this paper. Physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development play a vital role in determining how successfully a child develops and progresses on into adulthood. Through the observation of children during class at school, as a Sunday school teacher at church, and through observations of my own child, who are all within the stages of early and late childhood, I have analyzed and compared both stages and have summarized my findings in this paper.

· Physical When observing the physical development of the different children, in relation to their age, I discovered that there were recognizable differences in ability between the different age groups. I found that the children ages 3 to 5yrs had fairly well developed gross motor skills but lacked in fine motor skills and precise movements, like the ability to draw pictures or bounce a basketball. In comparison to the 3-5yr olds the 8-10yr olds exhibited significantly more advanced gross motor skills and were very advanced in the use of fine motor skills, and were able to show a substantial amount of skill when playing sports, like floor hockey and basketball. They also displayed the ability to execute precise movements, which allowed them to excel in competitive sports and draw intricate and complex pictures.

I also found that the children in the 3-4yr...