Child Development Definitions.

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Respond - to predict, to analyze, or to make recommendations

Reflect - to feel, to integrate ideas with your own experiences and beliefs, or to consider multiple perspectives or varied issues.

Reflective observer - someone who watched and listen will and then questions what was seen and heard.

Proprietary care center - meaning that it provider care and education for children and is designed to make a profit.

Inclusion - the integration of children with varying needs and abilities

Laboratory school - that there are always students engaged in fulfilling practicum or student- teaching requirements and faculty engaged in supervision or research projects.

Centers - areas in which one kind of play is focused, such as a dramatic play center or a block center.

Parent cooperative preschool or nursery school - a program in which the parents fulfill many of the planning and teaching responsible and he administrations of the program.

Nannies - live with families to take care of children

Intergenerational programs - seniors interact with young children.

Development - A series of changes that occur in humans from birth to death.

Development guides - indicator of what a typical 4- year-old or toddler looks like

Normative development - what we know about so- called typical 4 year old or 8 month old children - are sort of an average developmental level.

Neonatal period - is a critical period in infant development,

Reflexes - infants displays a number of inborn movements

Attachment - is a complex kind of bonding and an emotional relationship between and infant and a significant adult

Separations anxiety - occurs when the attachments between infants and adult becomes quite intense

Stranger anxiety - is actually a healthy indication that the infant recognizes familiar adults and is insecure around those who are unfamiliar.

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