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Ellie Daniels

Ellie Daniels.

UNIT 3 The Child Study Of Claudia Beau Moffet

Introduct-ory Visit

Introduction. I am carrying out my Child Case Study on Claudia Beau Moffett (Beau). Claudia is a healthy four year old; I carried out my introductory visit on the 22nd June 2013 with her and both parents. I have gained permission from both parents to use Beau in my Child Study and am able to use pictures of her in my coursework.

Physical Description Beau has long golden curly locks. She has an oval face befitting her large green eyes, rosy cheeks, and a small button nose and rouge lips. Her skin is of a fair/olive colour. Beau has a petite build; she has no birth marks or impurities on her skin. She has a full set of teeth; however she is in the process of losing a milk tooth and is currently waiting for a tooth on her lower jaw to come out.

Beau is very tall for her age, she is in the 99th centiles for both height and weight. Beau is 23kg and 113cm tall, she appears much more developed than her peers and stands out as looking older in age than them when at school.

Personality Beau has a very laid-back personality and tends to go with the flow with whatever is easiest. Beau is a compassionate child, who cherishes both her elder sisters, she tends to copy both her sisters and enjoys their company as they are always laughing and playing together. Claudia is well-behaved (sometimes) and very cheeky as-well as modest. If I was to call her name, I would find her in front of the TV with her sisters dancing to her favourite songs, Beau shows more confidence and she is very relaxed when she is with her...