Child labor

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In this world of high fashion and bargain hunters we are faced with dilemma of buying products that are manufactured in foreign countries. In these countries the hunger of the American consumer is fed off the backs of underage workers and low paid employees.

In a recent documentary about Wal Mart, The High Cost of Low Price, we see first hand what the American consumer has allowed to happen in these foreign countries where there is no regard for the life of the child or the well being of the workers who manufacture the products that we rush to Wal Mart to purchase.

Because of NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement, we see American jobs leave and relocate to these countries where labor laws are not as strict and the merchandise can be made for pennies on the dollar. In this documentary the film crew travels to China where employees are living in sub human conditions and working for less then a dollar a day.

They share a dorm style room and share a bathroom with the rest of the residents on the same floor. But because of the thirst of the American consumer these conditions will never change. China will continue to employee underage workers and pay low salaries to their employees to supply the demand of Wal Mart.

Until the ban of NAFTA will there be true changes in the working conditions of these third world countries. Until we as Americans decide that we can not afford to let US companies continue to out source their products to these companies can we consider ourselves a humanitarian nation.

We are a nation that has alienated the access to higher education to mostly upper middle class or the higher class. When the cost of obtaining a higher education comes...