Child Labor Laws

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Child Labor Laws

Child labor laws were never even considered to be passed until the 1900's. There are many companies that enforce the child labor laws now days. There is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the YouthRules!, the Employment and Training Association, Bureau of International Labor Affairs (BILA), and the Bureau or Labor Statistics. All of these companies work to enforce child labor laws in different ways. Child labor laws were passed because of the suffering and pain that some children went through in the 1800's. Some children lost their legs, arms, or extremities. Children often didn't get to go to school, didn't get enough food, and weren't receiving the proper medical care they needed.

If a child lost a leg or arm, most of the time they would be sent to an orphanage for kids who have similar problems. They would be sent there because since they were no longer a profit for companies or their parents, neither wanted them anymore.

They would be lucky if they actually received proper medical care. Most kids would live in the orphanages until they were old enough to go out on their own.

Most children were forced to work because there family was in poverty. The parents often depended on the children's mere 10 cents a day for food, water, or other necessities for their families. If the children weren't working when they were little, the parents brought them to work with them most of the time. If they weren't already helping them out, they would be put to work when they were at an old enough age to do any of the jobs they could set them out to do. Sometimes, the parents were forced to make their children work. A lot of the workers lived in houses provided by...