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Children of all ages big and small have always been fond of comic books. As a matter of fact many people read the comic section of the newspaper every morning before they go off to work or to school. I for one feel that comics are a good source of comedy, and some can even be used as instructional tools and ways to teach, like the strip boondocks for example.

The strip Boondocks, is written by an African-American male named Aaron Mcgruder ( The comic strip is a somewhat minority dominated strip dedicated to making fun of political and racial issues in the world. This literature is acceptable material for a child to read and learn from for many reasons such as material discussed. The context and also it would be hard to get parents to agree to their child reading such a controversial comic strip, which is obviously directed toward an older crowd.

These issues can lead to many different problems in children, such as inferiority complexes, it can cause a child to backlash at other children, and it can confuse the child.

The reason the material discussed in the strip is inappropriate is because children at such a young age may not be ready to read about racial issues. Or they may be too young to understand political issues and what exactly the strip they're reading is trying to point out or make fun of. This may cause them to ask questions to their teacher may not be prepared to answer, also they may ask their parents and the parents may not know how to explain without confusing, hurting or maybe even causing anger in the child.

Also the context of the strip is inappropriate because many of the strips feature names of people the children have never...