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Basic beliefs paper

Basic Beliefs about Teaching Children

Teaching children is a great joy for me. Everyone needs to learn how to read and write. I believe that all children must learn the basics starting with learning how to read and write. My classroom will have a wide variety of reading and writing materials such as books that are age appropriate for them to read alone or to the class, papers for them to draw or trace the alphabets, pencils, and flash cards with sight words. I believe that learning activities should be interesting and meaningful. . I believe that children learn the best when they are interested in what they are learning. I will create a classroom based on the interactive activities to keep the children's attention such as group activities, puzzles, and arts and crafts.

Basic Beliefs about Teachers and Teaching

Teachers should love and respect all children, have high expectations for them, and teach them to their highest capacities.

I will create a classroom where all of my children can feel safe and comfortable how I will do this is by respecting the children, listing to them, and communicating with them. I will also create a well thought out curriculum that will encourage the children to want to learn and succeed in my classroom. Teacher should be dedicated to the teaching profession. I will show that I am committed to the teaching profession will be by engaging in formal or informal continuous professional development. I will continue to expand my knowledge as necessary so that I can properly educate my students.

Basic Beliefs about Collaborating with Parents and Families

The family is the most important institution in children's education and development. The family lays the foundation for all future education and learning. I will...