"Child's Letter; Mother's Day Daisies" by Amber Smith

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"Papa, will you please send this letter on your way to work today?" Jordan asked his father very kindly. His father took the letter with curiosity in his eye, because there was no address on the front except for the word Heaven. Jordan's father kissed his head and was out the door in a flash as he said, "Take care of Mamma while I'm gone. I love you Jr.."

Jordan and his family moved a lot when he was a child. This Spring his mother had become very ill and Jordan's family was not doing so well. Jordan's Father worked a lot and tried very hard to build the perfect home and set the steps to build the perfect happy family. The problem was that pay was not so great, and resources were not so abundant. The family was usually hungry and Jordan was doing a lot around the house, like taking care of his 2 younger sisters, because his mother was bedridden.

Jordan didn't see his father very often because he had to work overtime every night in order to make enough money to feed the family.

Mother's Day was coming up soon and Jordan knew that this could be one of the last holidays the family would be able to spend together due to his mother's illness. He was only 7 but this harsh reality had caused Jordan to think about what would happen once his mother was gone. What would his father do? How would the girls grow up to be beautiful women? He would miss her so much. He decided that the gift he would get for his mother this year would have to be something to help her feel better, a gift of love, one that would make her truly happy.

Jordan was very sad...