Child Sexual abuse. APA format.

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Criminology 175 Outline: Child sexual abuse victims

I. Statement of the Problem

A. Definitions

1. Child sexual abuse victim(s)

Psychological effects

Physical effects

B. Statistics

1. Vulnerability

2. Indicators of child sexual abuse

C. Expert statements

1. Frequency of occurrence

2. Common motives of offenders

II. Review of the Literature

A. History

The rise of public concern

2. Civil lawsuits

B. Key issues

1. What are the effects of child sexual abuse?

2. What to do if you think a child you know has been the victim of sexual abuse.

3. Proving sexual abuse

C. Most recent research

1. Underreported and lightly prosecuted

2. Possible complications

D. Information from the experts

1. Research regarding prevention strategies from experts

2. Protecting children from sexual abuse

III. Summary

A. Discussion of findings

1. About research

2. About programs

B. Society's concern with this crime


A. The problem revisited with opinions

B. Suggestions for possible solutions

1. Programs

2. Policies

3. Laws �

Child Sexual Abuse

I. Statement of the Problem

Sexual abuse of children is a harsh fact of life in our society. Child sexual abuse is a form of child abuse in which an adult or older adolescents uses a child for sexual stimulation. Forms of child sexual abuse includes asking or pressuring a child to engage in sexual activates, regardless of the outcome, indecent exposure to a child with intent to gratify their own sexual desire or to intimidate or groom the child, physically sexual contact with child or using a child to produce child pornography. A child abuse victim can result in both short - term and long-term harm physically and emotionally. What would you do if you knew a child who became a victim? That's a question everyone should be ready to answer if they...