Child Soldiers: An Expos

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Child Soldiers: An ExposéThe once inconceivable targeting of children has evolved into a pervasive tactic of war. As armed organizations continue to increasingly infringe upon the most basic laws of war, a new and perhaps even more disturbing element emerges. Not only have children become the victims of atrocities in combat, but many have also become the perpetrators. The international community has condemned the use of child soldiers as abhorrent and unacceptable, yet over the course of the past several decades, hundreds of thousands of children have fought and died in conflicts around the world. The abduction and recruitment of child soldiers remains one of the most horrendous, wide-reaching, and preventable dilemmas in the world today. Before the international community can rescue these children, it must comprehend the dark, sinister history of child soldiers and the means by which the practice continues. The international community at large...