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Knowledge, Questions for E3

K 2) Children who are under 5 depend on us so we have to provide a safe and secure environment. Two main pieces of legislation provide a framework for ensuring children's health and safety:

1. The health and safety at work act 1974

2. The children act 1989

By understanding and following these pieces of legislation early year settings will have the basis for providing a safe and healthy environment for children. In practise this is done by providing safety equipment, training and writing and implementing safety procedures.

(COSHH) Control of Substances hazardous to health regulations 1994.

COSHH regulations make settings consider how they can limit the risks from those activities. This might mean that all cleaning materials are stored carefully in a locked cupboard. It might also mean that disposable gloves are provided to prevent infections such as hepatitis being passed on.

Maintaining Safety Equipments:

Equipment Purpose

Stair gates Prevent babies and children from falling downstairs or having access to certain areas.

Electric Plug Covers Prevent children from putting their fingers or objects into plug sockets.

Highchairs Help young children to sit safely at meal times.

Bathmats Prevent children and babies from slipping in the bath

Window and Cupboard Door Locks Prevent children from opening cupboard and windows

Corner Protectors Protect children from sharp edges on furniture

Fire Guards Used to put around heaters and radiators to prevent children from being burned

Many items of equipment are used to keep children safe in earlier settings. Regular checks on all safety equipments should be carried out closely, especially if items need maintaining or cleaning.

You can provide Safety by choosing the right Furniture and Equipment:

1. When buying a new product keep in mind for labels which indicate the product confirms to the safety regulations for...