Childhood and how life changes are effected by what happens in our childhood

Essay by monkeycalvertharry May 2004

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My friends and I were always having fun, hanging out, playing games, and breaking stuff, all kinds of stuff that you remember as a kid. We would always used to skateboard and do some filming with my video camera, which I'm so pleased of now. You think to your self that maybe one day you will forget all the good times and become some boring old man working in an office. Memories are so important to everyone and we should do everything in our power to capture these memories so that we can look back at them when we are old and sad and say, "They were the good times".

I for one was confronted at the age of 16 to be told that I was leaving the place where I have spent all my life, where all my friends lived to be told that I was coming to Grande Prairie, Canada! First of all I had never been to Canada and second, I wanted to go to college with all my friends and enjoy my life while I still could.

I'm not saying that you don't have fun but I knew it would be difficult to make friends all over again especially at my age.

Well here I am and its not so bad as I first expected living in Canada, I miss my home town sometimes and when that happens I take out the video camera and check out the good times I had as a kid with my best buddies. I look at the photo album and stare at the pictures as if they were here with me now but in reality we all know that doesn't happen. Sometimes the most important things to me are memories of the past because it keeps you...