Childhood love

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In downtown Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, there was a tiny peaceful village. It was not like any other village in Bangkok, it was much greener and loving. This village was famous for the start of many great romances. If you would ask any of those couples about how it all started they would start their stories with “There was this tree…” The tree what they were all talking about was nothing magical yet amazing. It was a place where the sunsets were most beautiful and talks were the sweetest.

In this small village there were many families with different backgrounds and stories. There lived a small family with a daughter called Isabel whom they cared much about. Isabel was a very beautiful and a tender girl; everywhere she would go everyone will stare at her gorgeousness. It was another sunny day in this village when a new family moved next to Isabel’s house.

‘Another sunny say’ they’d like to think so but in reality Isabel was about to meet her destiny. The family’s only child John was an indeed a charming one, but this good-looking young man was shy and never even admitted to take a glance at a girl. He had never fallen in love nor was he exactly a man of many words, especially when it came to talking with girls. Strangely enough he was popular around girls and was surprisingly good at any kind of sports which made him more of a good catch. When he first moved into this village he didn’t talk to any other kids around the village, not to mention the opposite sex. Isabel, who is naturally a very friendly and a talkative person, unintentionally saw John while she was painting a picture of her garden. She gained rapid interest in...