Childhood in Mississippi Obesity

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Running head: CHILDHOOD OBESITY ��

Childhood obesity

Mississippi Community/needs Assessment



Obesity among children and adolescents is one of the top problems of modern healthcare service. Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States: today,

more than 23million children are overweight or obese.

These numbers have only increased over the past decades and the problem continues to progress.

The childhood obesity epidemic is the common problem, that requires the collaboration of many specialists. Governments, medical institutions and organizations, international organizations, mass media play vital roles in solving the problem.

The purpose of this work is to provide a community/needs assessment of the children obesity problem in the Mississippi region. Within the community/needs assessment project it is necessary to obtain sufficient data from community assessment and provision of health and social services, and provide bases for planning and evaluating health services.


The topic of the project and its problematic

Causes of epidemic of childhood obesity are social in nature, and the solution to this problem requires a significant change in strategy.

A more optimal balance between individual and population approaches, as well as between educational measures, governmental issues should be found. It is clear that obesity is a topical and rapidly growing threat, so Public Health, in response to which the Government and relevant international organizations should immediately take appropriate action.

Appropriate actions are needed at different levels, corresponding to different levels of impact on individuals:

-regional and international mechanisms;

- social strategy and national legislation, institutional and commercial practices;

- tools for planning and regional development strategies, local and cultural traditions; - organization of study and work, the influence of colleagues;

- family habits and traditions as well as personal actions. (Almanac of Chronic Disease 2009)

This information shows that current measures are not efficient enough...