Childhood Obesity: A Nationwide Crisis

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Imagine being an obese child in grade school who just wants to be like the rest of his friends and live his life to the fullest. While all of the other kids are regularly playing outside and participating in sports, an obese child feels left out and starts an unhealthy lifestyle that can only lead to unhappiness. As time in American culture has progressed, there has been a definite growth in the percentage of children who are considered to be obese. This problem seems to have been growing steadily since the 1960's but has become especially prevalent in today's society. As we are told in the Los Angeles Times, the number of obese children has in fact doubles in the last 25 years (Nation). It now seems as though you can't walk in the city for more than a couple minutes without seeing a child that is obese or who has some evident weight problems.

This problem that is far too common among today's children cannot be ignored or taken lightly. This commonly occurring obesity can cause a wide range of serious complications, and increase the risk of premature illness and death later in life, raising public-health concerns. There are many factors that appear to cause or at least contribute to this epidemic that our society is currently experiencing. These mainly include genetic factors, lack of physical activity, and unhealthy diets. This problem is continuously growing but it's never going to stop or at least slow down unless it is taken seriously. The unacceptable amount of obesity in American children can be solved through family and school intervention. With better parenting, new school diets, and physical programs, today's children can have a better chance at becoming healthier.

If the problem of childhood obesity is acknowledged and corrected, it...