Children And Guns

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Everyone knows that guns are a major cause of death among children. Children do not fully understand the power of a gun and what it can cause. Therefore, if they get a hold of one they do not think it can harm anything.

Many parents keep guns in their homes for protection and self-defense. But they do not realize they danger guns can cause. People suggest keeping the bullets and gun separate and not keeping the gun loaded, but in the long run how does that help you against a burglar if you have to find the gun and bullets then load it. Also, safeties on guns are not all that reliable. Having a gun in your house period is not safe for children or teenagers.

Many children know how dangerous guns can be but do not think anything will happen to them if they handle their parent's handgun. These types of tragic stories are horrible to hear about, when a young child finds their parents gun and it accidentally goes off and either kills or injures someone.

Also, children think it is "cool" to show off a gun to their friends even though they know it is not safe. Kids think they are immortal and nothing like what they hear about on TV or what their parents warn them about will ever happen to them.

Accidents are not always they case of gunfire related deaths among children. Lately, these days children have been actually using guns to intentionally kill another human being. Parents are always blamed for their kids actions. In some cases it is the parents faults but in others there was no way to stop their child.

Suicide is another major gunfire related death. Many children feel they do not want to live anymore or are so full of anger they don't want to deal with it. Suicide is caused by so many different things. If kids are capable to getting a hold of a gun there is no telling what may happen, accident or not.

In conclusion, guns should not be so available to children and teens because so many injuries and deaths are occurring that should not even happen at all. Between 1979 and 1998 guns killed 84,000 children and teens in America. It does not have to be this way. This statistic should not even exist if we could only learn from our mistakes and act on them.